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Newest medical director at Bristol Hospital brings experience, veteran savvy

By The Bristol Press

November 08, 2019

BRISTOL - Bristol Hospital’s newest medical director brings with him over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field and 11 years in the Army Special Forces.

“We’re just thrilled to have him on the team,” Kurt Barwis, president and CEO of Bristol Hospital, said of Dr. Jeffrey Meter, a Connecticut native.

Meter took over as the hospital’s Medical Director and Chair of Surgical Services in October.

“I love the culture here, the attitude,” Meter said. “People want to work together.”

While serving in the Army, Meter’s deployments included Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He’s a Gulf War veteran who did work in Iraq and Turkey after the war to provide medical care in a refugee camp.

Meter gained much experience in the Army and was given leadership opportunities early on in his career because of his ability to listen to concerns and help solve problems.

One task Meter was given in the Army involved figuring out why there was a measles outbreak in a refugee camp. He was able to learn that the outbreak originated from a small nearby village, allowing it to be contained and treated.

Meter graduated with his Doctor of Medicine from Drexel University and is currently working on his Master of Business Administration from Yale University. His education also includes studies at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland and Juniata College, in Pennsylvania. He has also done postgraduate work in Switzerland, California and Washington, D.C.

Barwis said he had a good feeling about Meter when, on the day of his interview, he spotted him at a “fun day” celebration being held on the hospital grounds. Sitting in a dunk tank, waiting to be submerged in cold water, Barwis said he looked out into the crowd and spotted Meter following his interview.

The hospital president said he felt that spoke a lot to his character and what kind of person he is, as most candidates “get in and get out” as soon as possible.

“He’s going to give himself to the community,” Barwis said.

“I wanted to get a feel for the culture,” Meter said.

Meter, who most recently worked at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, said he has enjoyed working in a small community hospital.

“I’m getting to know everyone,” he said. “It makes it easy to communicate.”

“I love the commitment to quality care.”