Limited Supply

COVID-Specific Therapies

Current Availability

Monoclonal Antibody Infusions (IV):  AVAILABLE

Oral Antiviral Pills: AVAILABLE

*Oral antiviral pills can only be prescribed if an accurate medication history is obtainable and recent kidney function can be confirmed.

Please check back to this page often for updated availabilty.

COVID-specific therapies are available at Bristol Hospital (41 Brewster Road, Bristol), but due to very limited supply, most patients will only qualify for these specific therapies if they are within 10 days of symptoms, AND have high risk medical conditions such as immunosuppression (for example, chemotherapy) OR are not fully vaccinated AND have high risk conditions (for example, require oxygen).

Through collaboration between our ER and our pharmacy, Bristol Health is currently offering Oral Antibody Pills. Supplies are limited. Monoclonal Antibody Infusions are no longer available at Bristol Hospital. Please call 860.827.7695(HHC), 860.679.3199 (UCONN) or St. Francis Hospital to learn about their treatment availability. 

Our COVID-Specific therapies are arranged through our ER Telehealth service.  If you believe you meet the criteria for our COVID-specific therapies, please call the ER Telehealth at 860.585.3980.

ER Telehealth

ER Telehealth remains a safe and effective way to be seen by an ER provider in the comfort of your home, and can be used for any medical situation! We can speak with you, provide recommendations and even prescribe non-controlled medications! Telehealth services are available 24/7. Our ER is staffed by a US Acute Care Solutions provider who is working in the Bristol Health Emergency Center in real-time.

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