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Pricing & Financial Assistance

If you have an upcoming procedure or diagnostic service that has been scheduled at with Bristol Hospital, you may request further information about our cost and quality. An estimate of what the allowable amount is for your scheduled service can be provided to you within 3 business days. Please contact the following numbers for further information:  
Financial Counseling:  860.585.3035
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The following websites are available to any person wanting to obtain information on specific quality indicators and how well our hospital is rated.  They are available to every patient.  No user name or password is required to log on to these websites.
1. The Hospital Compare site allows the user to compare performance on quality measures of specific hospitals in the state and nationally.  A star rating is assigned to each individual hospital based upon performance.
2. The Quality Check site is sponsored by the Joint Commission.  This site assists the consumer in locating those organizations that have achieved the Gold Seal of Approval throughout the state and nationally.

Eligibility Requirements and Assistance Offered

Financial assistance and discounts are available for emergency or other medically necessary services provided by BHHCG.  Assistance is not available for elective, cosmetic, and non-covered procedures.  The following discounts are available for eligible services:

  • Not Insured – Patients or families must apply for financial assistance and meet income eligibility requirements based on family size as outlined in the Federal Poverty Guidelines and as described in the full FAP policy.  Discounts are 100%, 85%, and 75% depending on family size and income.
  • Insured – Financial assistance for balances after insurance is available to patients or families.  A Financial Assistance application must be completed and the patient must meet income and other applicable eligibility requirements as described in the FAP.  When requirements are met the following discounts are provided:
    • Family income at or below 250% of FPG will qualify for a 100% discount on the remaining account balance after insurance payments.
    • Family income at or below 350% of FPG will receive an 85% discount and will be applied to the patient’s account balance after insurance payments.
    • Family income at or below 400% of FPG will receive a 75% discount that will be applied to the patients account balance after insurance payments.

No individual determined eligible for financial assistance under BHHCG’s  financial assistance policies will be charged more for emergency or medically necessary hospital care than the amounts generally billed (“AGB”) to individuals with insurance covering such care. AGB is a percentage of Bristol’s full, undiscounted charges for such care. The AGB for BHHCG is calculated as follows:
(1) For 2018, Bristol is using the “look-back method” to calculate the AGB. This method bases AGB on fully paid hospital and professional claims with a primary payer of either Medicare fee-for-service or a commercial payer during the period of October 1, 2017 through September 31, 2018. Bristol divides the sum of total payments made by those payers by the sum of total hospital charges for those claims to identify the “AGB percentage”. This analysis will be completed on an annual basis.

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