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Robotic Surgery

Using a robotic surgery system, our expert surgeons provide the latest minimally invasive surgical care for a wide range of conditions.

Robotic Surgery:
The Latest in Surgical Care

Surgeons at the Bristol Health Center for Surgery and Endoscopy are dedicated to offering innovative care, close to home. Many of our surgeons perform robotic surgical procedures that use small incisions, reducing the risk for scarring, bleeding and infection.

Not all patients are candidates for robotic surgery. However, we offer a many robotic-assisted procedures so you have more choices in your treatment.

General Surgery

When performed by experienced surgeons, robotic-assisted surgeries offer similar outcomes to laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery. Our general surgeons use robotic-assisted procedures for many common surgeries, including:

  • Gallbladder removal
  • Removal of tumors or cancers in the colon and other areas 
  • Hernia repairs
  • Surgery on abdominal organs such as the stomach, spleen and small bowel

Urologic Surgery

Urologists were among the first surgeons to use robotic surgery procedures. The precise movements of the robotic arms help our urologists navigate the tight spaces of the pelvis and carefully handle delicate structures. We use the robotic surgery system for urologic surgeries such as:

  •  Total or partial prostate removal (prostatectomy) 
  • Partial kidney removal
  • Cyst removal
  • Bladder surgery

Gynecologic Surgery

Like urologists, gynecologists can use the precision of robotic technology to their advantage when performing pelvic surgeries. Many gynecologists now prefer to perform robotic hysterectomies over other types of minimally invasive hysterectomies. In addition to hysterectomies, gynecologists can perform surgeries to treat pelvic organ prolapse and uterine fibroids.

Weight Loss Surgery

Robotic bariatric (weight loss) surgeries are among the newest robotic procedures. Both sleeve gastrectomies and Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgeries can be performed using robotic technology. These procedures offer similar results to laparoscopic procedures, which reduce the risk for bleeding and infection.


Surgery During COVID-19 Explained

Chief of Surgery Dr. Jeffrey Meter answers common questions surrounding surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Bristol Health is ensuring patient safety.

Learn All the Ways We're Ensuring Your Safety

The Center for Surgery and Endoscopy

Our state-of-the-art Center for Surgery and Endoscopy is designed with special sensitivity to our patients’ convenience and privacy needs. Beginning with arrival, patients will appreciate the convenience of the dedicated entrance and the canopied drop-off area.

Accompanying family members will find comfort in the large waiting area, including a coffee shop and playroom for children. Once brought into the clinical area, patients will enjoy the privacy and comfort of the bright and cheerful pre- and post-procedure rooms. To heighten comfort and diminish anxiety, rooms include a television for each patient. A dedicated pediatric recovery room allows loved ones the space and privacy needed to meet the unique comfort needs of children.

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News, Advice & Stories

Nov 25, 2020

2020 Press Ganey Leading Innovator

Bristol Health has been named a 2020 Leading Innovator by Press Ganey for our overall response to meet our community's needs during the pandemic.

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Sep 16, 2020

Experts Say Routine Medical Care Is Important Amid Pandemic

Andrew Lim, MD, medical director of emergency medicine at Bristol Health, discusses on NBC Connecticut how COVID-19 affected hospital emergency departments across the state and why continuing to receive your routine care is important during the pandemic.

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Jul 15, 2020

Bristol Health earns Silver Recognition from ENA

Bristol Health has become the first healthcare system in the state to earn a Silver Recognition, achieving the feat in the 2020 ExcellenceNorth Alliance (ENA) Baldrige-based Awards and Recognition.

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Jun 19, 2020

Bristol Health Changing The Focus Of Its COVID-19 Specimen Collection

Effective Saturday, June 20, Bristol Health will be converting its COVID-19 specimen collection to a model that concentrates on Bristol Health patients.

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May 04, 2020

Coronavirus survivor, 34-weeks pregnant, receives heartfelt goodbye

Nicole Nolan has become Bristol Hospital’s latest coronavirus survivor. Nolan, who is 34 weeks pregnant, was discharged from the hospital Friday.

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