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Home Sleep Study

An easy, convenient and cost-effective way to detect if you may potentially have a sleep disorder.

Home Sleep Testing

A home sleep test is an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to detect if you may potentially have a sleep disorder. Home sleep tests monitor your breathing and oxygen levels while you sleep. Most home sleep tests are completed in just one night.

Our care team will supply you with the equipment and give a tutorial on how to use it before sending you home.

How to Prepare

These tests are designed to be a convenient way to obtain the information needed to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea. The day of your at home sleep test you should.

  • Follow your normal daily routine as much as possible
  • Try to avoid napping
  • Avoid caffeine  

What to Expect

You will be provided with detailed instructions on how to use the device at the time you pick it up from the physician's office. We encourage you to ask any questions before heading home. 

Go to bed at your regular time, attaching the sensors to you as instructed. When you wake in the morning, you can remove the sensors and return the device back to your provider. The sleep team will review the information collected and will contact you with the results and to go over next steps.


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