'Phenomenal' is the Best Word to Describe My Care

By Bristol Health

July 08, 2019

Although I am a retired elementary school teacher, there are still lessons for me to learn as a patient of the Bristol Hospital Cancer Care Center. I have learned how patients like me are made to feel comfortable and safe in this extraordinary environment despite a long and often difficult journey.

My journey began in late 2014. I had been experiencing a shortness of breath as well as an irregular heartbeat. I went to my primary care physician, and he found that I was actually missing over half of my blood. After undergoing a CT scan as well as a long series of tests, I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. The cancer was present in my breasts, liver and the beginning section of my small intestine which is known as the duodenum.

I underwent chemotherapy which began in January 2015 and I would continue with those treatments until the summer of 2016. During this time, I continued to lose significant amounts of blood and spent time in the Intensive Care Unit as well as the hospital’s Beekley Center for Breast Health and Wellness.

Early on, my doctors said that I would have only two to four years to live, but now that appears to be off the table. The care that I received in the Bristol Hospital Cancer Care Center was phenomenal. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable yet caring. This includes all the doctors, nurses and support staff. I love crocheting blankets and afghans and as a simple token of appreciation, I have been making them for the doctors and nurses in the center.

Gifts like these are always given to the patients but I wanted to give something to the Cancer Center staff who give so much of themselves to others.