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Surgery During COVID-19 FAQs

Chief of Surgery Dr. Jeffrey Meter answers common questions surrounding surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic and how Bristol Health is ensuring patient safety.

Surgery, Safely.

We are taking all necessary precautions and mandates to ensure the health and safety of all our patients, including those who are coming to us in need of a surgical procedure. From masks and social distancing measures to enhanced sanitation and visitor restrictions, we are here, ready, prepared and safe.  

What measures are in place to ensure I'm safe?

Dr. Meter: Surgical FAQs

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Can I have elective surgery if I have COVID-19?
Can I have surgery if I'm experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19?
How does staff clean/prepare surgical rooms to ensure no one catches COVID-19?
What happens if a surgical patient tests positive for COVID-19?
Is it OK for me to wait to have elective surgery?
How are patients protected from COVID-19 post-surgery?
If I need to stay in the hospital after surgery, will I be safe?
What happens if my spouse or someone I reside with has COVID-19?
What if my spouse or someone I reside with has symptoms consistent with COVID-19?
Can I have emergency surgery if I have COVID-19?
Does COVID-19 increase my recovery time from a surgery?
During this pandemic, under what circumstances should I go-ahead and have surgery?
How and when will I be tested for COVID-19 prior to my surgery?

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