Medical Staff Officers

Sharon Adler, MD, President of Medical Staff 
Jennifer McCallister, MD, Vice President of Medical Staff
Jared Kohlhepp, MD, Secretary/Treasurer                                                    
Jeffrey Kaye, MD, Staff Representative                                                         
Approved by Medical Staff (11/7/2019)

Department Chairpersons / Section Chiefs – 2020

Keith Gipson, MD, Anesthesiology Department  
Christopher Leary, MD, Diagnostic Imaging Department                                                        
            Joseph Ravalese, MD, Radiation Oncology Section

Andrew Lim, MD, Emergency Medicine Department 
Richard Zweig, MD, Medicine Department                                                                                
            Waile Ramadan, MD, In-patient Medicine Section                                                     
            Fawad Kazi, MD, Cardiology Section                                                                              
            Daniel Smiley, MD, Gastroenterology Section                                                              
            Robert Black, MD, Hematology/Medical Oncology                                                       
            Stephen Caminiti, MD, Pulmonary Section   
Michele Normandin, MD, Pathology & Clinical Services Department
Tiffany LaBella, MD, Pediatric Department              
Kamakshi Vemareddy, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology Department
Genevieve Henry, MD, Psychiatry     
 Jeffrey Meter, MD, Surgery Department                                                                                                     
               Jennifer McCallister, MD, General Surgery Section

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