Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors play an important role in ensuring that our network is caring for our community as effectively and responsibly as possible as it serves as our governing body. The board is responsible for oversight of the network and include such responsibilities as:
  • Making strategic decisions for the hospital
  • Hiring and monitoring an effective CEO
  • Ensuring the hospital is providing quality care
  • Overseeing the hospital’s financial well-being
  • Being a representative of the hospital in the community

Meet the Board

Glenn Heiser

Vice Chairman
John Lodovico, Jr.

Louis Auletta, Jr.

President & CEO
Kurt A. Barwis, FACHE

Sharon Adler, MD
Jarre Betts
Liran Blum, MD
Lisa Casey
Yong-Sung Chyun, MD
Mary Ann Cordeau, RN PhD
Doug Devnew
William Hamzy
Michael Heimbach
Jeffrey Kaye, MD
Joseph Lockwood
Lexie Mangum
Bradford Meacham
Jennifer McCallister, MD

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