Substance Use Open Discussion | Bristol Health News

By The Bristol Press

February 02, 2018

The Bristol Hospital Counseling Center is holding an open discussion on substance use and recovery resources, and their relationships to mental health.

“There are many triggers to substance use and abuse. If someone grew up in a substance household, that can be a trigger and cause someone to use substances later in life,” said Michael Miarecki, licensed clinical social worker at the counseling center.

“Other triggers can include stressors in one’s life — financial, marital and partnership problems — are all serious factors.” The discussion is open to those in the community who are seeking help and want to take part in an open conversation, he explained.

“During this upcoming session, we will discuss all these factors as well as what resources are available in the community and treatment options such as outpatient treatment, detox or long-term inpatient care,” Miarecki said. “We also will discuss the various substances that are commonly abused.”

“Some of the signs of substance use and abuse including a loved one’s appearance being a little different, and seeing them act and do things a little out of the norm such as isolation and pulling away from family members,” he continued. “If someone recognizes substance use and abuse in a loved one, the best thing is to point it out and bring it to the person’s attention. This is one of the best ways to deal with the situation head-on.”

The discussion is the last in the Mental Health and Substance Recovery Series, which featured multiple discussions over the past few months. Each focused on a specific aspect of mental health.

The reason for the series is that mental health and substance/alcohol abuse is the main health issue the hospital identified in the Bristol Hospital’s community needs assessment, which it is required to complete every three years. The findings from the assessment are used to prioritize public health issues and develop a health plan that is focused on meeting community needs.

The discussion on substance abuse is slated for Feb. 6, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the Bristol Hospital Counseling Center, 420 N. Main St. The event is free; no RSVP is required and for those with questions, call 860- 583-5858.

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