Bristol Hospital Workers Gather Daily to Pray for Patients, Community, & Colleagues

By NBC Connecticut

April 15, 2020

Many people are looking to their faith for strength during these difficult times, including some hospital workers in Bristol.

Work has been nonstop for them as they spend time away from their families to help our loved ones who are suffering.

For only 10 or so minutes every morning, a group of Bristol Hospital health care employees stand still to pray.

“We didn’t plan it, but it started on Good Friday,” said Nancy LaMonica, director of Surgical Services, Professional Development, & Magnet with Bristol Health. “A lot of us couldn’t go to services or couldn’t be with our families.”

They form a circle outside of their busy emergency room.

“A lot of people want to pray, or meditate, and just think about things, but we don’t really have the time for that,” said LaMonica. “Pray for our community, and pray for our team in here, and pray for each other.”

They’re positioned right next to the place where a line forms of cars filled with more potential patients who hope to make the cut for the hospital’s limited daily supply of coronavirus tests.

“All of those people want to be tested and they don’t feel good,” said LaMonica.

For just a few minutes in the morning, these health care heroes pause for protection for their patients, themselves, and their colleagues as look to their faith to keep them moving forward on the frontlines of a deadly pandemic.

“I know it’s anxiety-provoking to be at home and not be at your jobs, but it’s also anxiety-provoking here because we have patients who are really sick,” said LaMonica.

Those who spoke to NBC Connecticut are urging all of us to stay home as they find the strength to enter these doors every day.

“Part of our love for humanity and the community is we would care for them and heal them, but we don’t have all the answers yet,” LaMonica said.  

We watched on as a health care worker had a job she probably never thought she’d have -- having to turn many cars away Wednesday morning for coronavirus testing.

Right now, the hospital is only able to administer 40 tests a day because of the limited supply.