Families are First Birthing Center

What to Expect

Our team is committed to you and your family and to making your birth a smooth, exciting and life-changing experience. View our videos to better understand how we have adjusted our policies and processes to ensure safety during the COVID pandemic.

What to Expect at Families are First

Our labor and delivery rooms are spacious, private and provide peace and tranquility before, during and after delivery that allows you to enjoy this special time with your new baby. When you arrive, you will enter into our locked unit (ensuring the safety of you and all our families) and be led to your room.

A plan of care will be carefully discussed with you and we will keep you and your support person up-to-date on the procedures and progress of your labor every step of the way.

Our COVID Accommodations

Your safety, as well as that of your baby and family, are of utmost importance to us. We've adjusted our policies and processes to keep you safe during the COVID pandemic. Watch our videos to see what you can expect when you deliver at Families are First Birthing Center.


The Golden Hour

The golden hour is the first hour after your baby’s birth, and we'd like to give you a GIFT:

  • G-iving
  • I-ntimate
  • F-amily
  • T-ime
This gift is for the mother, significant other, and baby.  During the first hour, skin-to-skin bonding and the first feeding will occur. Visitors will be limited to mom, baby, dad (or support person), so you can have the hour to yourselves. Our nurses will be there to provide support for breastfeeding and monitoring mom and baby.  This also includes the first hour of recovery from c-sections.
We encourage you to room-in together so you can respond to feeding cues from your baby and gain more comfort and confidence in caring for your baby before you go home.  

An Extra-Special Experience


A Happy "Birth" Day Meal


Bringing a new life into the world is such a joyful time! To celebrate, we'll treat you to a congratulatory meal so you can relax, be pampered and enjoy some special attention. Your dinner entrée choices may include: Coconut Fried Shrimp, Egg-Battered Chicken Marsala, or New York Strip Steak. All entrées are served with Caesar salad, baked potato, vegetables, and dinner rolls.

After dinner indulge in some cupcakes in celebration of your baby! The cupcakes are delicious, so we encourage you to invite family and friends to enjoy these tasty treats and take the rest home with you. 

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