Cancer Support Services

Support Groups

Battling cancer takes its toll, not just on you but your loved ones as well. Support groups can help. Talking to others who are going through a similar challenge can not only educate you, but inspire you as well. Focused support groups are a safe place to share experiences and connect to others. Studies have shown that support groups can reduce anxiety and stress, emotional strain, fatigue, improve mood and one's ability to cope with their feelings.

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Classes & Workshops

Bristol Health offers a variety of classes and workshops, including "Look Good...Feel Better." This particular workshop is for women who are experiencing appearance-related side effects from cancer treatment. The class is led by a certified cosmotologist who will provide insight on hairstyling, coping with hair loss, using a wig, etc...

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Celebrating Survivorship

Each year we celebrate you and your journey and your victory in the fight against cancer. The event features support and entertainment for our cancer survivors and their families, as well as education and inspiration by various speakers along with entertainment and support from dancers, entertainers and others. 

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Palliative Care

Palliative care can be offered simultaneously with life-prolonging curative therapies for patients living with serious illness. Palliative care guides patients and their families as they journey through the changing goals of care and assists in better understanding of treatment options. Palliative care nurse visits are not direct-care skilled nurse services, but, rather, focus on assessment, information, referral, and teaching. If direct nurse care visits are needed patients are referred to home palliative care program.

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Counseling Center

There are many approaches to therapy- including individual, group and family therapies. Any of these may be recommended to you. Your flexibility is appreciated so that we may provide the most helpful service possible. Despite the variations, all therapies are a two-way process that works especially well when patients and their therapists communicate openly. Therapy also works best when attended on a regular basis and for all scheduled sessions.

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Financial Assistance

Bristol Health is committed to providing financial assistance to eligible patients and their families who do not have the ability to pay for all or a portion of their healthcare bill, and to ensure that such financial assistance is made available in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.  

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