Coronavirus Hits Home

By Kurt A. Barwis, FACHE

March 31, 2020

Kurt's message to Bristol Health Employees, Medical Staff, Board Members and Corporators (March 31, 2020):

I want to let you know that on Monday night I tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. 
After experiencing some normal cold symptoms on Friday evening and throughout the weekend, I called Dr.  Lim, reviewed my conditions with him and determined that I need to be tested before returning to work.  Early Monday morning I had a test completed by the extraordinary team at our specimen collection station. I have not been in the hospital since and will be on quarantine at home for at least 14 days. I must then test negative twice before I can return to work.  
I just cannot stress enough that if you are not feeling well that you please follow the CDC guidelines and contact your primary care physician immediately to be tested. It’s vital that everyone please practice social distancing, wearing personal protective equipment when working with patients, and constantly wash your hands and use hand sanitizer.  
As I continue to work from home, I will keep you updated on my condition. I want to stress that I do feel well physically and will be remotely leading the hospital in respect to operations and finances. Additionally, I am still in contact with the Executive Leadership Group and Board Leadership on a regular basis throughout the day.

The Greater Bristol community is relying on us to care for them during this outbreak. I am confident that because of our proactive planning, that we will defeat this virus.
Words cannot describe how proud I am of you; your dedication, passion for caring, empathy towards others and the professionalism with which you do your work—taking care of our community and each other.