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Hospitals Against Violence

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Stand Up Against Violence

We proudly join hands with our fellow hospitals and health systems to take part in Hospitals Against Violence, a national day of awareness to end violence.

Hospitals Against Violence is a campaign started by the American Hospital Association that highlights how we, at Bristol Health, as well as hospitals and health systems across America can combat violence in their workplaces and communities. Despite the country currently being in the midst of nationwide mourning, anger and protests as a result of police brutality toward Black and Brown people, hospitals and health systems continue to work toward partnerships, innovations and creative thinking to foster peace and make a safer environment for workers and patients.

We believe that hospitals are part of the solution and we're addressing workplace and community violence through staff training, mental health support programs and building community ties, including:
  • Violence de-escalation training for staff
  • Dementia Capable Care education
  • Process and policy changes (e.g. Violent patient alert in the EHR)
  • City of Bristol Recovery Alliance (COBRA) program
  • S.O.S. Peer Support program
  • Bristol Police Department partnership
  • 8:46 Program to promote racial equity in health care
  • NAACP partnership

Why We #HAVhope

Organization-wide, we are continuously striving toward 1 unified goal to deliver the best care for our community in a safe and inclusive environment for all.
Since 2019 we've reduced workplace violence at our organization by half, and we continue to work on reducing that number even further.
We've initiated our 8:46 Program to promote diversity and racial equality as well as require mandatory unconscious bias training for staff.

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