Bristol Health Spine Surgeon Performs First Radiofrequency Ablation

By Bristol Health

September 17, 2019

Bristol Health's Dr. Upadhyay is pleased to inform you that Bristol Health performed it first Radiofrequency Ablation of the metastatic spine tumor using a minimally invasive technique in September, 2019. The patient has small cell cancer of the lungs with distant metastasis. Upadhyay first trained in this procedure about 3 years ago, but hadn't been able to find the right patient until recently.
The technique, known by its propriety name Osteocoo (Medtronic), is an adjunct technique that has been used only during the last couple of years to add to treatment of- primarily metastatic tumors, but also for some benign primary bone tumors. This is typically done to provide direct killing of the tumor cells in the vertebral bodies in spine patients. It is to be done along with radiotherapy and is followed with the augmentation of the lesions with bone cement, the so called Kyphoplasty.
"I am very happy that we are now able to provide this cutting edge treatment to our community in Bristol," Upadhyay said.