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Another Busy Lake Compounce Summer For The Bristol Health EMS Team

By David Koscuk

May 20, 2019

The unofficial start of summer begins this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend which means the team from Bristol Health EMS will be ready for another season at Lake Compounce.

Bristol Health EMS emergency medical technicians staff the Bristol Health First Aid Station which is housed next to the Security Operations Center in the Lake Compounce main plaza. Two EMTs are assigned to the station from opening until closing time, and a third is assigned when the Crocodile Cove water park is open.

One of our EMTs is based in the first aid station at all times while the other travels throughout the park. Having our team here helps protect all our 911 resources. The clinician on site gives us enough time in the event an ambulance needs to be activated.

The Bristol Health EMTs work closely with the Lake Compounce security team and have access to two modified golf carts which are outfitted with a stretcher and supplies. We provide the right resource at the right time. Thankfully the majority of cases are treated and released right at the scene.

All assigned EMTs are required to complete the park’s employee orientation including reviewing the park policies which provide the blueprint for those times when park guests needs prompt medical attention.

Depending on the severity of the medical call, the EMTs work also closely with the park’s security team and all Lake Compounce employees are able to assist guests in the event first aid is needed.

Summer heat, dehydration, and minor trips and falls are the majority of cases that our team treats. Parents should have a plan in place for their children prior to arriving. Everyone should drink enough water and stay hydrated. Children also should know or have their parent’s cell number written down.

Our EMS team is not allowed to dispense over the counter medications such as Tylenol. Guests should bring their own medications and sun screen which they also can purchase at the park.

I also recommend the following safety tips for any amusement park trip:

● Follow park rules

● Parents should keep an eye on their children

● Respect the power of water and know your child’s swimming ability in the water park

● Take breaks between high-speed rides

● Choose age-appropriate rides

● Strap, belt and latch children in rides carefully

● Know the signs of injury including sudden headache, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, fatigue or numbness and tingling

David Koscuk is the director of Emergency Medical Services for Bristol Health EMS, which is located at 371 Terryville Ave in Bristol. For more information on Bristol Health EMS, please visit